God With Us

Hidden, is in the middle of the eye, when chaos is all around.

God has given His favor.  God within us.  God revealed in us.

You've been mistreated and talked about without a cause, but keep moving forward.  There is nothing He hasn't seen or doesn't know.  If you're complaining then we're focusing more on the issues than Him.

Staying focus to move into victory.  Breakthrough is nigh.

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Look Again - Things don't always look like what you see

Things don't always look like what you see.
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What A Woman Should Know About A Man

The late Myles Munroe, once stated, “A man that doesn’t move in purpose is an abusive person.”  Your life is already Purposed by Design.  You were born with everything in you to succeed requiring God’s wisdom to develop what is already in you.  A man that loves God and you, will walk in his purpose, otherwise he will not be able to understand your purpose.  Many women hear a man say, ‘I’ll start when I get married’, instead of walking in purpose now. 

Love you.

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New Years Resolution to Detox Your Hair to Modern Nature

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Health and Vitality

As I'm getting older, I noticed an increase in hair loss, but I found a product that is restoring my hair naturally.  Its organic, natural, and contains rejuvenating elements in every product.  


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Forgiving someone is not necessarily for the other person but for you.  Not only do we need to forgive others but forgive ourselves and move on. Anger, hurt, pity, depression causes emotion baggage.  Its easier said than done, but we're giving ourselves permission to leave the baggage in the past and healing to take place.

Shalom, peace, wholeness.....lets heal to be whole.

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We multi-task so much.  If you're like me, its God first, family, job, and what's left after that is the little old me.  I'm passionate about helping people, but it the process of trying to be Superwoman, I realize that I've got to take a break when its usually at my breaking point.  My hours can often consist of 6 am to 2 am the next day. As an Registered Nurse, I understanding that eating healthy, exercising regularly, and getting sufficient sleep and rest is essential to keeping a healthy bod, but I have to preach this to myself.  I thank God that I have been graced to have a normal blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, and cholesterol level, but its more to life than normal values vital signs and lab values and I notice a degradation in my mental capacity.

I didn't realize how much I needed to get away from the hustle and bustle, so when I received an invite (melissawadeinthewaterproductions ) to attend a women's night out to a spa to help a friend (, the pleasure was actually all mind.  It felt like it look years off of my life conversing with woman from all walks of life and all age, while being pampered with such excellence, not to mention it was a reasonable cost.  My body and mind felt rejuvenated and now I'm focused again.  

Stress can cause so many medical issues, and I'm learning to listen more closely to my body.  Going to the spa can get costly, but I'd rather spend it on 'me' time than on costly medication feeling ill.  Walking in the park listening to Christmas carols, a warm bath with candles and music, a foot rub from your Boo doesn't cost much except time, and that doesn't belong to us anyway.  

Please take some ME time, especially during this season. 

Grace and peace!

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Women Are Resilient

I spoke to a lady today while on consignment.  She said it was the first time in many days since she had a chance to get out and do anything.  She's taking care of an 85 year old mother that is dying of pancreatic cancer.  She was so happy to get out, yet hurrying to get back to the house to enjoy the day with her mother.

Another woman received a layoff notice  and was wondering what her future hold and still looking forward to have a blessed day

Life is what you make it.  Both women were extremely grateful to have God in their life and I promised to pray for God to give them strength.  

Grace and Peace

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